CrestfallenLan "Miryu... Help me. What do you humans do to fix this type of situation?"

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Miryu Ryu
Biographical Information
Korean 류미류
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Human/Demon
Gender Male
Hair Colour Orange
Eye Colour Amber
Family Jin-Ryu(father)
Allies None
Enemies None
Season 1
Episode 1

Mi-Ryu is the son of Lord Perdien.


He looks exactly like his father. However he has orange hair as a trait from his mother. He Also has a striking resemblance with Jin's father.


He is cheerful, compassionate, and insightful. He cares about his father deeply and has often feared that Jin will someday leave him, he will do anything to keep his father safe. Miryu doesn't like people that kill and he will try to stop it from happening. He also doesn't like the idea of being a demon and always reject his bloodline.



He never ask anything about his mother.

Before he and his father fought, he never knew that his father is a demon.