CrestfallenLan "Miryu... Help me. What do you humans do to fix this type of situation?"

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Biographical Information
Korean Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Demon
Gender Male
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Grey and Red
Family Jin Ryu (half-brother), Miryu Ryu (nephew)
Allies Lan, Iclet, Jin, Miryu, Rantain
Enemies Obeich and Vie
Season None
Episode None


Lizen has white hair. His right eye is grey and his left eye is red (his perspective). He often wears black clothing looking similer to Jin Ryu's costume. When his wings are out they are in the bat-like shape of a demon's, but when he takes his power to his full extent, they become feathered. Considering he is supposedly Blowslains half-brother, there is a possibility that one of Lizen's parents were a disciple. 


Lizen is manipulative and deceitful. When it comes to Iclet he will do anything to make her love him. He is said to be Blowslain's half-brother. He is telling Miryu that he can become a demon and break the curse that Jin's mother set upon them. (He is destined to kill Miryu.) But Lizen is really just trying to get Blowslain out of the way because he fears that Iclet will fall in love with him.