"My loyal servant, whose very soul obeys me..! As the master of you blood, I command you. Show yourself before me!" -Demon Queen to Lizen (chapter 168)


The "Blood Tie" is a technique that is exclusive to only the Demon Queen or King. With this power, the controller is allowed to control them to to their bidding. The only way to become controlled is that if one somehow has their blood in their system.

As of right now, Jin-Ryu, Mi-Ryu and Lizen are all bounded to the Demon Queen by a "Blood Tie", bounded because of their blood relations to the Demon Queen

Apparently, it requires a great mental capacity to ignore a Blood Tie request, but cannot be fully combated. It can, however, be escaped if the user and the bounded are far apart from each other.

List of Blood Tie UsersEdit

List of Known BoundedEdit

*It is necessary to note that Mi-Ryu was obviously affected by the Demon Queen's Call, but was seemingly unaffected when he eroded.